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Scott "Scotty" Smalls is a shy and academic boy who recently moved into the neighborhood. Grows up to become a radio broadcaster for the Los Angeles Dodgers. In the beginning of the film, Smalls wears an long-billed fishing cap. Later, Benny gives him his old Cleveland Indians hat to wear.

Early HistoryEdit

Scotty lost his dad when he was just a baby, when his mother married Bill by 1961 he adopted him and gave him his surname Smalls.He was quite sensitive and did not had any friends until the summer of 1962; probably his best year.

New NeighborhoodEdit

They move to a new neighborhood outside Los Angeles in the summer of 1962 near the end of 5th grade.In The Beggining he had no friends .Soon he joined the sandlot kids thanks to Benny, his neighbour. He Also had another neighbour named Ham .Ham did not even notice him earlier.

A Rookie In BaseballEdit

At first he was isulted and became a joke for the members as he couldn't catch or throw the ball. He was taught by Benny and soon learned to play baseball quite well. In his first baseball match with their opponent team he managed to score a double

Tussle with the beastEdit

When Bill left the town Scotty took his autographed ball to play with the other kids one day when they didn't have any balls left, but the ball fell in Mr. Mertle 's backyard, home of the Beast. The kids tried five attemps to recover it, but when all of them failed Benny finally recovered it.He pulled up all his strength together and jumped acroos the fence .

When the fence fell on the Beast, Scotty and Benny saved him and returned him to Mr. Mertle who gave them a ball signed by Murderers' Row. Scotty gave it to Bill who was so pleased that he only grounded him for a week.He continued to play baseball and it became his passion.

Radio sports commentorEdit

By 1992, Scotty became a radio sports commentor for the Los Angeles Dodgers (wearing the same hat Benny dissed when they were kids) and owns the fake Babe Ruth ball, the chewed up real one, and the Murderer's Row ball, given to him by his friends, Mr Mertle and his stepdad.


Scoots was an emotional boy but soon devolped into a courageous person . He is too scared to talk to new people . He is quite intellegent and what you call a scientist in childhood inventions .

He was a rookie in baseball but with the help of benny he became a pro. He has the power to hit the bit but normally he scores doubles and singles .

The After Years And Johnnie SmallsEdit

Scotty had a little brother named Johnnie Smalls born on 1962. Ten years after the first film, Johnnie joined a new sandlot gang of boys and girls. Like his older brother, Johnnie was a smart and shy boy that ended losing something very important in Mr. Mertle's backyard. Scotty only appers in footage at the beginning from the first movie but is mentioned later in the movie by his brother.

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