Keep Your Eye On the Ball,Ok 

- Bill Smalls' Favorite Line, And Favorite Catchphrase.


Bill Smalls was a wealthy business man and frequently went to Chicago for his business meetings .


Bill Smalls married Scotty's Mother in 1961. Scotty got Bill family name after the Marriage as " Scotty Smalls.

New neighbourhood 

Bill moved to a new neigbourhood the year after his marriage and had to out of the city for meetings .

Bill was also a baseball adict and had everything relating baseball in his room and a rare ball signed by Babe Ruth gived by his father to him .

Johnnie Smalls 

After the year 1962 , Bill and Mrs. Smalls had a son named Johnnie Buckminister Smalls . He was the half brother of Scotty. 


Bill and his family continued to live in the neighbourhood over the years . 


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